Install on macOS

Running DELTA training on a macOS is mostly the same as running on Linux, except some minor differences.

Python environment

You need to set up a working Python 3.6.x environment, either by using conda or manually build from source. You can follow the instructions in to set up python and the required packages, e.g. Tensorflow. Note: tensorflow-gpu requires nvidia GPU, which might not be supported the latest macOS versions. You may want to use the tensorflow package (no -gpu postfix) instead. Some models that uses cuDNN implementations will not work without a CUDA GPU however.

Other requirements

Notes for Kaldi

Building and running Kaldi on a macOS requires wget, gawk and other utilities which need to be installed via Homebrew. See for details.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install wget gawk grep

Also the mmseg package for Python2 is needed:

pip2 install mmseg

Then follow / DELTA install section to install 3rd-party dependencies.