Reproduce experiments - egs

The egs director is data-oriented for data prepration and model training, evaluation and infering.

Sppech and NLP task are orgnized by egs, e.g. ASR, speaker verfication, NLP.

An Egs Example

In this tutorial, we demonstrate an emotion recognition task with an open source dataset: IEMOCAP. All other task is same to this.

A complete process contains following steps:

  • Download the IEMOCAP corpus.
  • Run egs/iemocap/emo/v1/ script

Before doing any these steps, please make sure that delta has been successfully installed.

Every time you re-open a terminal, don't forget:


Prepare the Data Set

Download IEMOCAP from



pushd egs/iemocap/emo/v1

Then run script

./ --iemocap_root=</path/to/iemocap>

For other task, e.g. ASR, Speaker, the main script is, but default main root is