Pick a installation way for yourself

Multiple installation ways

Currently we support multiple ways to install DELTA. Please choose one installation for yourself according to your usage and needs.

Install by pip

For the quick demo of the features and pure NLP users, you can install the nlp version of DELTA by pip with a simple command:

pip install delta-nlp

Check here for the tutorial for usage of delta-nlp.

Requirements: You need tensorflow==2.0.0 and python==3.6 in MacOS or Linux.

Install from the source code

For users who need whole function of delta (including speech and nlp), you can clone our repository and install from the source code.

Please follow the steps here: Install from the source code

Use docker

For users who are capable of use docker, you can pull our images directly. This maybe the best choice for docker users.

Please follow the steps here: Installation using Docker