Manual Setup

This project has been fully tested on Python 3.6.8 and TensorFlow 2.0.0 under Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. We recommend that users use Docker or a virtual environment such as conda to install the python requirements.

Conda Package Install

Build conda envs

conda create -p <path>/<env_name> python=3.6
source activate <path>/<env_name>

Install Tensorflow

conda install tensorflow-gpu=2.0.0

Install dependences

Delta dependient on third party tools, so when run the program, need blow to install tools:

activate the environment and use below

cd tools && make

Pip Install

For case you want install Tensorflow Gpu 2.0.0, under machine which has Gpu Driver 410.48. It has problem of runtime not compariable with driver version, when isntall using conda. Then we can install tensorflow from Pip as below:

Build conda envs

Same to conda install.

Install CUDA toolkit and CUDANN

See CUDA Compatibility for CUDA Toolkit and Compatible Driver Version. See cuDNN Support Matrix for cuDNN For CUDA and NVIDIA Hardware.

For Nvidia Driver Version: 418.67, CUDA Version: 10.1:

conda install cudatoolkit==10.1.168-0
conda install cupti=10.1.168-0
conda install cudnn==7.6.0


conda install cudatoolkit==10.1
conda install cupti==10.1
conda install cudnn==7.6.0

For user in China, we can set conda mirror as below:

conda config --add channels
conda config --add channels
conda config --set show_channel_urls yes

Other references: conda-forge tuna

Install Tensorflow

pip install  -i tensorflow-gpu==2.0.0

For tensorflow 2.0.0, make sure numpy version is 1.16.4.

Install dependences

Same to conda install.

DELTA install

NLP User

Install DELTA without speech dependences:

cd tools && make basic check_install

Speech User

By default we will install DELTA with Kaldi toolkit:

cd tools && make delta

If user has installed Kaldi, please DELTA as below:

cd tools && make delta KALDI=<kaldi-path>

it is simply link the <kaldi-path> to tools/kaldi.

Advanced User

Please see delta target of tools/Makefile.

DELTANN install

Install DELTANN as below:

cd tools && make deltann

For more details, please see deltann target of tools/Makefile